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Kullu- Tourist Place in Himachal Pradesh

Kullu, 'Valley of Gods', is a beautiful district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This name of the valley is because it is believed that at one time it is the home for many Hindu Gods and Divine Souls. Located at an altitude of 1230 meters on the banks of the river Beas, it is known for its magnificent natural environment. The history of this beautiful hill station, discovered by Bijangamani Pal, a resident of Tripura, dates back to the first century. It is said that this region was inaccessible when India attained its independence in 1947.

➤To roam in the summer, this beautiful place is surrounded by steep hillsides, forests, rivers, and apple gardens, and is famous among tourists from all over the world for its natural beauty. Apart from this, Kullu is also famous for its ancient forts, religious places, wildlife sanctuaries and dams.

●Raghunath Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Ram, is another major attraction of Kullu. In the construction of the temple, an ideal m…