Kinnaur- A peaceful district of Himachal Pradesh

Kinnaur district himachal pradesh map
Map of Kinnaur District
Located in the northeast of Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur is a fascinating tourist destination. This beautiful place is about 250 km from Himachal's capital Shimla. Recong-Peo in front of Kinner Kailash, which is the headquarters of this district, is very beautiful. The area surrounded by high-rise snowy hills and green trees is divided into upper, middle and lower parts of Kinnaur. The border of this district, which is rich in natural beauty, is linked to Tibet, reaching here through the NH-22 by passing through mountain valleys is not less than travelling to a paradise.

The natural beauty of this place is known for snow-covered mountains, beautiful green valleys, mature gardens and lush vineyards. With this, there are several rivers and various species of flora and fauna. The difference in Kinnaur culture from the rest of this state can be seen, because it holds deep equality with Tibetan culture. There are two main valleys in the Kinnaur area-the Sangla Valley and the Hangrang Valley. The Sangla Valley is known for its beautiful gardens while the Hangrang Valley is famous for its greenery. Passengers can also see the vast Kinner Kailash Mountain, which is the most prominent attraction of this area. Apart from this, you can also go around the beautiful village of Kalpa, which is known for its natural beauty.

➤Main tourist destination of Kinnaur:

●Kalpa - Kalpa is a beautiful tourist spot located in Kinnaur District, in ancient times this place was the first district headquarters of the district Kinnaur. This place is located at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. From here, beautiful scenic views of the snowy mountains can be seen. Narayan Nagani temple is situated in the heart of the village, which reflects the local art here. Along with the tourist site, there are also many ancient Buddhist monasteries. This village is located infront of Kinnaur Kailash(about 2758 meters high). Kinnaur Kailash is considered the sacred place of Lord Shiva.

●Sangla - The attractive tourist destination of Kinnaur, Sangla, which is situated on the banks of river Baspa. This village is about 2900 meters above sea level. From this village, huge peaks of Raldang mountain are visible. Due to the beauty of green hills and snow covered peaks, it is beautiful tourism destination from other places. Due to the Baspa river flowing through this valley, this place is also called Baspa Valley.

●Chitkul - The last village of India is Chitkul, situated at an altitude of about 3450 meters above sea level. This village is the last and highest village of the Baspa valley. This place is located on the right side of the river Baspa. There are three temples of local goddess Mathi in this village. It is also a famous tourist destination.

●Nako - Located in Kinnaur, Nako is also a tourist spot. This place is situated at a distance of 100 km from Kalpa. It is also known as the Hangrang Valley. Located in the Hangrang Valley, this village is 3600 meters above sea level. There is also a natural religious lake in this village. There are many Buddhist monasteries and gompa.

➤How to Reach here:

●Shimla is the nearest airport to Kinnaur, which is 267 km from the town of Kalpa. Shimla Airport is connected to many major cities of India including New Delhi and Chandigarh.
●The nearest major railway station for Kinnaur is Shimla Railway Station, which is located approximately 244 km from the city.
●Regular buses for Kinnaur are available from nearby places such as Rampur and Shimla.

➤Best time to visit: 

The summer season (April to June)is the best time to visit Kinnaur. During Monsoon (July to September),there are great chances of rainfall so it is not very advisable to visit this place in Monsoon season. Winters in this area start from the month of October and continues till March, which keeps the weather very cold. During this time mercury levels can go below sub zero level. On the tour of Kinnaur, passengers are advised to carry heavy woolen cloth, this place remains cold throughout the year.

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Here are some images of this area.

baspa river view at chitkul himachal pradesh

view of village kalpa at himachal pradesh

view of kinnaur valley in himachal pradesh

nako lake at nako village himachal pradesh

view of nako village himachal pradesh

close view of nako lake himachal pradesh

recong peo hospital entry gate

view of sangla valley in himachal pradesh


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